Very Bad Company


Are you tired of being a good person?
It’s time to avenge!

I was a young CEO at a IT company on a fast track.
But the company went bankrupt because a bank that promised me their support refused to help my company at an important moment.
I have decided to avenge on them for ruining my life.
There is no more a GOOD CEO!

* Feature *
– Tap to hack!
– Every time you tap, you take out golds from the bank.
– The hired gangsters constantly bring out golds from the bank.
– Upgrade the hacking tools to earn more golds.
– 28 different gangsters.
– Provide various achievements and ranking system to compete against online friends.

Very Bad Company Very Bad Company Very Bad Company Very Bad Company

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Eklenme Tarihi: 12 Eylül 2015

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